Water Department

The Water Department is committed to providing honesty, accuracy and commendable customer service and satisfaction to Markham residents. The City provides water, sewer and refuse services for residential and commercial properties. The water is provided to Markham from Lake Michigan in the City of Chicago.  Water Quality Report 2018

Establishing Water Service

The property owner must receive an Occupancy Certificate from the Housing and Building Department to establish water service. The owner must complete a Utility Service Application and provide a copy of proof of ownership, a signed lease if the property is a rental, a form of picture identification and pay a $250 service fee. Commercial properties service fee may vary depending on the size of the meter and water consumption.

Water Bill Payment

Utility bills are issued monthly and may be paid through the following methods:

  • Online Payment
  • Automatic Bill Payment  Sign up to have your water bill payment automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account and electronically transmitted to the City of Markham.  
  • City Hall Cashier’s window
  • By mail to: Water Department, City of Markham, 16313 Kedzie, Markham, IL 60428
  • 24/7 drop box located in the south parking lot (near the water tower).

Water Service Disconnection 

If a property’s water service is disconnected, the entire balance must be paid in full, plus a $75 reconnection fee before the service can be restored. Personal checks cannot be accepted to restore water service.

Cancel Water Service/Final Water Bill

Please be sure to notify the Water Department concerning your water account when cancelling service. The Water Department will schedule a final meter reading. The final water bill amount will be deducted from the initial $250 service fee.

It is the responsibility of all owners or property managers to ensure their tenants have paid the final bill in full. The owners or property managers must notify the Water Department when there is a change of occupancy.

Water Temporary Meter

A water construction meter may be provided by the Housing and Building Department approving temporary water service up to sixty days if the property does not pass inspection. The owner must complete a Utility Service Application and provide a copy of the proof of ownership and pay a $250 service fee. The water construction meter will be scheduled automatically for disconnection without notice to the owner after sixty days.

Hydrant Meter

A Hydrant Meter is $1,000.  The deposit for a Hydrant Meter ranges from $1,800 – $2,000.

Illegal Water Service

Tampering with the water service Buffalo Box is a violation and will result in a fine imposed in the amount of $500.