Mission Statement

The mission of the Markham Emergency Telephone System Board, is to ensure that the Citizens of Markham receive reliable, professional 9-1-1 Service. This is accomplished by utilization of technology changes and recommended policies and procedures.

The Markham ETSB will endeavor to work with emergency service agencies to ensure that the needs of the public are met.

Agency Profile

The Citizens of Markham voted in a $0.85 per Monthly Surcharge on there Telephone Bills to fund the 9-1-1 System. The Markham 9-1-1 System went live, and took emergencies calls and started the future of Markham communications. Today the system handles thousands of 9-1-1 Calls a Year from the 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) at the Markham 911 Center.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Markham 9-1-1 System, please feel free to contact Deputy Fire Chief Roger A. Agpawa, 9-1-1 Coordinator or Dispatch Supervisor Lonna Lockett at:

Markham 9-1-1
16313 Kedzie Parkway
Markham, IL 60428-5344
Phone – (708) 331-4905 ext. 257 or 212 Fax – (708) 596-3686
E-Mail :ragpawa@cityofmarkham.net &llockett@cityofmarkham.net 

What is 911?

Plain and simple: 911 is a three-digit telephone number that you can call 24 hours a day for police, fire or emergency medical services.

911 saves valuable time in an emergency. According to nationwide statistics, it can take up to 2 1/2 minutes to find your telephone directory and another 30 seconds to locate the correct number. In an emergency, 3 minutes is a long time — time that can be saved by remembering to call 911!

How to Call 911

To call 911 from a home phone or a simple business phone, pick up the phone, and press the numbers: 9-1-1.

To call 911 from a Centrex or PBX business extension, obtain an outside line, and then press the numbers: 9-1-1.

To call 911 from a pay phone, no money is needed. Simply pick up the receiver, and press the numbers: 9-1-1.

To call 911 from a cellular or mobile phone, press the numbers: 9-1-1, and then press the “send” button. Be prepared to give your cell phone number and location to the 911 telecommunicator.

How Does 911 Work?

When you dial 911 from a wireline phone in Markham, your call will be automatically routed to the 911 answering point that provides emergency services for the location from which you are calling.

When you dial 911 from a cellular phone, the call will either be routed to the State police call center or to Markham 911 call center, depending on the caller’s location at the time the call is sent. In some cases the answering point that receives the initial 911 call may need to transfer it to a secondary answering point. It is possible you could be told as the caller you will be told that they are being transferred and instructed to remain on the

line.Do not hang up during the transfer.

911 is only a telephone number. Quick response to emergencies depends on the important information provided by the caller. If you call 911, the telecommunicator who answers your call will ask you a series of questions. Remain on the line, and be prepared to provide the following information:

– What kind of emergency do you have

– What kind of help do you need– Where is the emergency– What phone number and address are you calling from

For medical emergencies, you will be asked the patient’s age, what is wrong with them, and whether they are conscious and breathing.

Helpful Tips

Post your address, phone number, and the closest street intersection to your home by each telephone so it is available for anyone who needs to make a 911 call.

Make sure that your home is clearly marked with your house number. It should be visible from the street or posted where your driveway intersects with the main road.

Talk to your children about how to use 911. Also discuss what is an emergency and what is not.

Markahm 911 Emergency Telephone System Board


Ron Moaton

Fire Chief

Vice – Chairman

Mack Sanders

Police Chief

Fire Department Representative

Police Department Representative

Alderman Liaison

Citizen Liaison

ETSB Staff

Deputy Police Chief

Mack Sanders

911 Business

(708) 331-4905 ext 237

Deputy Fire Chief

Roger A. Agpawa

911 Coordinator/Director

911 Systems Technician

Phones, Radios & Computers

(708) 331-4905 ext 257

Fire Chief Ron Moaton

911 Vice Chairman

(708) 331-4905 ext 252

Lonna Locket

911 Supervisor/L.E.A.D.S. Coordinator

(708) 331-4905 ext 212