Mayor’s Office – Mayor David Webb, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Liquor License Commissioner

City Clerk’s Office – Jennifer Coles
– Keeper of records and Corporate Seal
– Vehicle/Motorcycle Stickers
– Animal Tags
– F.O.I.A. Requests
– Tag days/Requests/Proclamations, etc.
– Local Election Official
– Voter Registration www.voterinfonet.com
– Vital Records- Birth and Death certificates are generally available in the city where the birth or death occurred.

**Cook County Vital Statistics are available at the 6th District Markham Courthouse.

Treasurer’s Office – Karen Cohn
– Collection and disbursement of all corporate revenues
– Appropriation Budget
– Annual Treasurer’s Report

Attorney Steven R. Miller
– Legal counsel and prosecutor for the City

Police Department
Mack Sanders, Chief
James Walker, Deputy Chief
Jack Genius, Deputy Chief
– Law Enforcement/ Public Safety
– Traffic, Emergencies, General public assistance

Fire Department
Ronald “Ron” Moaton, Fire Chief
– Fire prevention and safety
– Emergency response and assistance

Building/Housing Department
TyWayne Wilson, Department Head
– Building Permits/Inspections
– Occupancy Permits
– Petition Applications
– Business License Applications

Public Works Department
Todd Clayton (Acting Superintendent)
– Water and Sewer
– Streets and Sanitation
– General Maintenance
– Snow Removal
– Garbage pickup service is provided by Homewood Disposal
– 708-798-1004

Water Billing Department – Toyia Dean, Water Department Director
– Billing & Payments
– Temporary/Construction Meters
– New Service/Shut Off

Human Resources
Latrice Merriweather, Director
– Personnel matters

In-House Court Michelle Broughton-Fountain, Adjudicator
– Judicial proceedings of code violations