LIBRARY – The Bradford/Anderson/Oglesby Public Library located at 16640 S.
Kedzie. Provides books, magazines, records, tapes, video cassettes,
movie film, compact discs and recordings for the blind which may be ordered
through the Suburban Library System.

Phone (708) 331-0130

SENIOR SERVICES – Golden Age Chateau, 15652 S. Homan, provides a variety of activities for seniors. They include bingo, travel,blood pressure screening and much more. Phone(708) 331-0233

PARK DISTRICT – The Markham Park District is a separate taxing body and maintains 11 parks. For information about programs offered, call (708) 596-3366

HOSPITAL SERVICES – Hospital services are provided by South Suburban hospital in Hazel Crest, Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, St. James Hospital at the Olympia Fields campus, and MetroSouth Medical Center in Blue Island.


*Service Fee Required: $250.00
$500.00 Fine for cutting meter cables or other tampering
Residential water bills are charged monthly.

Residents are billed $43.04 minimum charge for 4,000 gallons and $10.76 per 1,000 gallons thereafter. A sewer fee of $3.00 and refuse fee of $23.10 is added to the monthly Water Bill, which makes a minimum total of $69.14.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $50.00 charge for NSF checks and you will have to make your payment in cash.


New residents must make application for utility service. Our ordinance
stipulates a property owner is held liable for water billed to a tenant in the event the tenant moves away and fails to pay the water bill.

WATER DISCONNECTION – There is a $75.00 fee for water service turn–on in the event your service was disconnected because of failure to pay your bill.

Gross due includes 10% penalty which is assessed after due date. If the utility bill is not paid after the due date, the bill is considered delinquent and the water service may be shut off.

CONSTRUCTION WATER METERS: A $200.00 service fee is required for construction site Meters, plus $65.00 for the first 10,000 gallons and gallon rate set by ordinance for each additional 1,000 Gallons plus a $1.00 a day for the use of the meter


SEWER JET- It is the resident’s responsibility to maintain the sewer line from the house to the easement. However, if you have a clean out plug, the City will jet your line if time permits and personnel are available.

It is mandatory that each household have a 90 gallon wheeled container, which is provided to you.

Garbage cans must be set at the edge of the street with the handle facing toward the the house (inward) so the lid will open properly when dumped. Only household garbage is to placed in these containers. Heavy or large items and other trash may be placed in plastic bags next to the can. DO NOT put metal or concrete items in the garbage container.

“Alloted amounts of garbage for garbage pick up include: 90 gallon container and 2 bags of garbage per week and 1 bulk item per month” ON your Pick Up day, cars must not be parked nearby that would prevent the garbage truck immediate access to the garbage container. Cans must be removed from the street area BEFORE 6:00 p.m. on pick up days.

Tree branch Pick Up, is scheduled for the second week of May and residents will be notified. Branches should be cut into four foot (4′) lengths and piled neatly just off the street.

YARD WASTE – Must be in Paper Bags no larger than 30 gal. And each bag must display a “yard waste sticker” and will be picked up on your regular garbage day. Stickers are $2.50 each and can be purchased at city hall. (ord. 01-O-1723). Leaf burning is prohibited

GARBAGE PICK UP DAYS – MONDAY: From 159th St. South to 167th St. between Kedzie Parkway and Dixie Hwy and from 156th Pl. South to 159th St. between Dixie Hwy. and Western Ave.

TUESDAY: From 159th St. South to 167th St. between Kedzie and the municipal boundary lying West of Crawford.

WEDNESDAY: From 161st St. South to 167th St. between Dixie Hwy and
Park Ave.

THURSDAY: From 159th St. North to 155th St. between Central Park Ave. and Kedzie Ave; from 159th St. North and East to Calitonia between Rockwell St. and Kedzie Ave; and that portion of the city lying west of I-57 East of Crawford Ave., South of 149th St. and North of 159th St.


From 159th St. North between Rockwell on the East and Crawford on the West to the Northern municipal boundary. Please note: If a holiday falls on your pick-up day, that area will be picked up on the
following day.