Spacious, serene, affordable housing, privacy, abundant wildlife, and acres of virgin prairie land are just a few excellent reasons to live in Markham. The Prairie Capital of the Prairie State

Six school districts in the immediate area provide elementary schools. Three districts provide secondary and higher education facilities. There is a multitude of small and large colleges within a 25-mile radius of Markham, including South Suburban College (Thornton Township).

Interstate highways: I-57, I-80, Illinois Tristate I-294 and additional highways U.S. 6 and U.S. 54 make Markham a natural hub to transportation, to all points in the nation.

Two large medical hospitals, South Suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest and Ingalls Hospital in Harvey are within a 3 to 5 minute driving time of Markham

Churches of most denominations serve Markham residents.

The Indian Boundary Prairies

The Indian Boundary Prairies was established to preserve the rare Native Illinois Prairies that exist in Markham and to educate the public about the uniqueness of Illinois tall grass prairie. There is less than one-tenth of one percent of prairie left in Illinois.

It is truly remarkable that there are several hundred acres still in Markham. The largest prairie site, the Gensburg-Markham Prairie, is just north of the McDonald’s on 159th street and Whipple Ave. It was dedicated as a National Natural Landmark in 1988. As you can probably tell we are enthused about our work. For more information regarding The Indian Boundary Prairies including times and location of upcoming meetings and events please visit

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