City Council, Officials & General Information


The City of Markham is governed by the City Council. The Council Members are community leaders who establish a vision for the City and work with the employees to implement the policies, assist with City operations and ensure that all residents are served fairly. The Council members are elected for a four year term.  

City Council Meetings

The members of the City Council consist of the Mayor, four Aldermen, the City Attorney, the City Clerk, and the City Treasurer. The City Council meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. and are open to the public. All residents are encouraged to participate in their local government by attending a Council meeting. The public may speak on agenda items, City issues and concerns.  

2021 City Council Meeting Calendar

2022 City Council Meeting Calendar

City Officials

  • Roger A. Agpawa, Mayor 
  • Leslie Trimuel, Clerk
  • Belinda Richardson, Treasurer
  • Steve R. Miller, Attorney

City Council Members

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  • Brenna Hampton-Houser, 1st Ward
  • Wanda Jean McDowell, 2nd Ward
  • Rondal Jones, 3rd Ward
  • William Barron, 4th Ward

Appointed Officials

  • Deputy Clerk: Diana Bell
  • Economic Development Director/City Administrator: Derrick Champion 
  • Fire Chief: Anthony Mazziotta 
  • Human Resources Generalist: Ashley Black  
  • Library Director: 
  • Mayor’s Administrative Assistant: Ernestina Martinez
  • Office Associate: Anita Sanchez
  • Municipal Court Clerk: Mychelle Stallworth 
  • Park District Director: Quintina Brown
  • Police Chief: Terry White
  • Public Works/Water Department Superintendent: Todd Clayton
  • Field Superintendent: Everett Simmons
  • Senior Complex Director: Kimberley Bond


  • City Council – Meetings are held on the First and Third Wednesday of each month (City Hall/New Council Chambers).
  • Fire and Police Commissions – Meetings are held on the Second Tuesday of each month (City Hall/Old Council Chambers).
  • Library Board – Meetings are held on the Fourth Wednesday of each month (Markham Library).
  • Planning and Zoning Board – Meetings are held on the Second Wednesday of each Third month (City Hall/Old Council Chambers).

All meetings are open to the public.