Police Department

The Police Department’s priority is to enhance the quality of life for Markham residents by working cooperatively with the public, within the framework of law enforcement to preserve peace and provide a safe environment. The police officers respond to a multitude of situations that require a person with authority to assist in reducing or resolving problems associated with law enforcement and public order maintenance. Dial 911 for all emergencies.

Markham's Prescription Drug Take Back Program

The Prescription Drug Take Back Program is a free service for Cook County residents to collect their unused and expired prescription and nonprescription drugs. This free service is provided by authorization of the Cook County Board of Commissioners to reduce access to unused and expired prescription and non-prescription drugs in order to prevent misuse that can lead to poisoning or death.  Visit the Website

Overnight Parking Permits

The City of Markham requires that all vehicles parked outdoors must be licensed, operable and parked on an all-weather surface. (566) (1184).  Parking on residential streets is NOT permitted between the hours of 2:00 am and 5 am without an appropriate ‘OVERNIGHT PARKING’ permit.  Overnight Parking Permit applications should be submitted to the Clerk's Office at the Cashier's Window in City Hall.

Overnight Parking permits DO NOT supersede the snowfall parking ordinance.  Parking is prohibited on both sides of ALL streets for a period of 24 hours during and/or following a snowfall of four (4) inches or more. (931).

Warming and Cooling Centers

The Police Department serves as a warming and cooling center for displaced residents during extreme weather temperatures.

Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy is a free 10 session program designed to give residents and business owners a firsthand look at the Markham Police Department and it’s employees. Candidates must be 21 years or older, a resident or business owner in the City of Markham, and no prior felony or disqualifying misdemeanor arrests.   

The Academy meets from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm, one night per week, at the Old City Council Chambers but may meet at other local sites as required. Using both hands-on and classroom instruction, each session focuses on various aspects of police work. During the Academy, participants will be given an opportunity to ride with a Markham Police Officer during a shift, and observe the inner working of the communications center.

Please complete the Citizens Police Academy Application and submit it to the Police Department.